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내장탑┃Built-In Top

Youth not afraid of Change

Built-In Top

내장탑은 눈, 비, 바람, 직사광선 등 여러가지 자연조건과 어떠한 외부충격, 도난의 위험으로부터 안전하게 상품을 유지·보호하며 운송이 가능하게 합니다.

A Built-in Top shall maintain or protect a product safety from various kinds of natural conditions, such as, snow, rain, wind or direct sunlight, etc.,

and any external impact or a risk of theft, etc.


Slide Door

​제품의 측면 상·하차가능

It is possible to load or unload a cargo through a side door



Sandwich Panel

단열재를 사용하여 직사광선을 막고 실내 온도 편차를 줄여줌

Since it is made of some thermal insulating materials,

it can prevent any direct light and can reduce a difference between

the internal and external temperatures


Rear Door

좌/우 개폐형도어 및 롤업도어 적용가능

It is possible to apply a left/right opening or closing type door or a rollup door


실내등 및 기타부품

Interior Light and Other Parts

탑내부를 여러형태로 변형하여 사용가능

It is possible to use by changing the inside of the top in various kinds of shapes

내장탑 제품군

내장탑을 활용하여 여러형태의 제품을 제작할 수 있습니다.

We can manufacture diverse types of products by utilizing a Built-in Top.

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